Consulting Services

Are you planning to enhance your business with drones, but not sure how to proceed? We have totally unique combination of consulting and drone industry experience, you can't find similar combination elsewhere. At the top of over five years hands on experience on drone technology and -markets, we have tens of years background in it- and business consulting, process development and project management within large corporations.

Example Consulting Topics

In what application areas drones can be used

Where are drones already used today? Which industries are using drones, which will be next? What really can drones do? Which of the advertised features are really robust? What kind of use cases can be automated, which still needs human pilots? How does the weather impact on drone usage?

How to choose right drone for these applications

Market drone from the shelf, custom DIY, heavy industrial workhorse? Which drone is best for me? Should I select multi-use drones or dedicated drones? Can the functionality be expanded, can I retrofit the drones?

What are requirements for drone system infrastructure

How to design whole drone infrastructure? What kind of components are involved? Is the infrastructure scalable and future proof? How should the maintenance arranged? Do I need new partners?

Is legislation affecting drone usage

What is current legislation for using drones? How will legislation change in the near future? What are trends in the long run?

Does drones have impact on your existing processes

What is the impact on current processes? Is new processes needed? How many people in my organization does process changes impact on? How does this affect on my prices? What kind of risks are involved, how can I mitigate them?

What development is needed for IT-system integrations

Which existing IT-systems do I need to modify? Is new IT systems needed? Where should I build integration points? What kind of data can I get from the drone system? How should I use the data?

Business case and use case planning

How much the system costs to build? What are operating costs? Training? Support? What are total life-cycle costs for the solution?