Indoor Position Engine

Indoor Mapping and Positioning

Exact indoor position even in complete darkness.

Integrate into your solution

Use as a part of your solution.

Arctic Robotics Indoor Position Engine is LiDAR based solution for indoor map creation and position data needs. You can map and locate indoor position within few centimetres even in complete darkness, no need for any external beacons or sensors in the premises. The solution is easily integrated into your system via API. The Position Engine is used in robotics and for enriching all kind of measurements with indoor location coordinates.

Position Engine is also available in 2.5D model if altitude information is required. The altitude is measured with secondary LiDAR.

Use case examples

  • Carry-on indoor mapping device for creating 2D maps and calculating floor space area
  • Indoor mapping and positioning for robots
  • Adding location data for indoor network measurements
  • Adding location data for indoor industrial inspections

Indoor Position Engines are now available, Contact Us for more information.

Key features (2D model)
Size W: 140 mm, L: 140 mm, H: 160 mm
Weight: 550 grams
LiDAR Range: 40 meters
Resolution: +/- 1 cm
Accuracy < 5m: 2.5 cm
Accuracy > 5m: +/- 10 cm
Update rate: max 650 Hz
Rotation engine Rotation rate ~300 RPM
Average < 0.6 degrees error margin
Other sensors Triple IMUs (acceleration, gyro)
Power Connector: XT60
Supply Voltage: 5 V DC
Supply Current: 1.5 A
Connectivity 2.4GHz 802.11n wireless
10/100 Ethernet (optional)
API JSON messages