Indoor Drone Pilot Projects

Pilot project is a perfect way to verify that your planned indoor drone business benefits can be reached. The pilot project consist of three components:

  1. Pilot planning and preparation phase.
  2. Pilot execution phase.
  3. Analysis, evaluation and pilot report phase.

Typical pilot length is from weeks to months. As an example 3-weeks pilot can contain three phases, and a typical price for is 10 000 eur (+ traveling and VAT). This will be discounted during the initial production use purchase.

Pilot planning and preparation

During the pilot planning and preparation we'll plan the use cases, map the premises, set up the fleet management and plan flying routes together with you.

Pilot execution

During the pilot execution phase the drone works normally in the premises and provides the planned data (typically video). The drone can be managed via web-UI.

Pilot analysis and evaluation

During the analysis and evaluation phase we'll create written pilot report including following items: Pilot analysis, planning of optimal payload and customization for target use cases, estimation of production benefits, quotation for production set-up.