Our Solution

Automated drones 24/7!

Solution Description

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Arctic Robotics drone is the first fully autonomous indoor flight capable monitoring drone service. Main features are:

  • Autonomous flight
  • Easy manual flight control
  • Video streaming
  • 20 minute flight time
  • Automated recharging
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Self aware automatic navigation
  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • 24/7 coverage

For Security Industry

Our solution is designed to save costs and increase the productivity of the security personnel. It gives instant situation awareness reducing unnecessary visits to site drastically. When the security system has detected an alarm that needs to be verified, the operator or the system can relay the alarm location to the drone. The drone will then dispatch to the alarm location so the operator can inspect the cause and determine whether people are required onsite.

The operator can use the web interface to launch drones to patrol the premises. During patrolling the drone will provide live video to the operator while flying autonomously along the route. If the operator detects anomalies, they can inspect the situation by taking manual control of the flight at any moment.

Our solution can be used also for image- and face recognition via 3rd party services like IBM Watson.

For Maintenance and Construction Industries

The solution enables new service creation and offering. Services which were previously not possible because of high labour costs and inaccessible or difficult locations, can now be offered. Service quality will be improved, because with our services, you can ensure enough measurement data to make decisions with better quality.

The solution capable of performing scheduled patrols on the premises, and with proper measurement instruments, monitor various metrics. Instruments can indlude sensors, for example, for rfid harvesting, automatic air quality monitoring, and thermal imaging.

For Logistics and Inventory Management

The solution is capable of performing scheduled or manually launched patrols to read rfid sensors in the inventory. Normal cameras and thermal imaging cameras can be used for inspecting the warehouse structures.

Solution Pricing

Our pricing is based on one time delivery fee for delivery and on-site configuration and monthly service fee. Typical service package includes 1-2 autonomous drones, charging station, cloud backend access including live video, command, and control, and technical support. Different pricing and service packages can be done for onetime flight or other special cases.