Indoor Drone Platform


Carries all needed sensors, not external beacons needed

Works even in darkness

Works equally in total darkness and bright daylight

We at Arctic Robotics are the only company providing fully autonomous indoor drone platform for security, proactive monitoring and inspection for various business needs. The solution is created on a customizable platform and can be configured based on required use case. We are capable of deploying drone as a service, off the self solutions and customized business specific solutions. Our patent pending indoor navigation solution is independent on GPS or other external sensors, and it works equally well in total darkness as in bright daylight.

Use case examples

  • Indoor security patrolling and reacting to alarms
  • Industrial preventive maintenance
  • Indoor industrial inspections
  • Sensor data gathering and RFID harvesting

Delivery contents

Our basic package includes one drone, a charging station, web-ui for drone and fleet management, limited technical support, and commissioning. Commissioning includes delivering drones on site, doing the initial mapping and plan the flying routes together with the customer. The basic payload is 8Mpix fixed focal camera, the drone has approx 20 minutes flight time and 20 minutes charging time. Prices are depending on total delivery content including required customization and maintenance services.

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Key features
Size L: 540 mm, W: 540 mm, H: 240 mm
Weight: ~2000 grams
Operation time Flight time ~20 minutes without extra payload
Controls Follows autonomously preplanned routes
Limited manual control via web browser or optional Windows client
Charging Base Station 220v 50 Hz
Base station charges the drone automatically.
Fully charged within 20 minutes
Sensors Arctic Robotics indoor positioning engine
Ultrasonic sensors to all directions (also up and down)
Connectivity 2.4GHz 802.11n wireless
LTE (optional)
User Interface Web browser based, located in the Cloud
Optional Windows client software
Payload Fixed focal camera for live streaming, still photos (up to 8Mpix) and video recording (up to 1080p30fps)
Max 500 grams customer specific payload
Payload Customization options Hight resolution camera with integrated flash
Thermal camera
Flight routes Unlimited amount of preplanned flight routes, each with unlimited amount of way points
Obstacle detection and avoidance Detection to all directions (up, down, 360 degrees horizontal)
Avoidance distance automatically adapting based on flight speed and direction
Avoidance distance can be configured per premises or per flight route