Frequently Asked Questions

How long can the drone flight with single charge?

Flight time with full charge is approx 20 minutes. Charging to full takes also approx 20 minutes. The drone returns automatically to charger if it is running low of power mid-flight. Minimum 3 drones are needed for 24/7 operations.

What is the image quality of the default camera?

Default camera is 8Mpix with fixed focal length, which is enough for majority of users. Live video stream is in low resolution, off-line recordings are in high resolution. Customization is possible for better or special cameras.

Can I move drone from one site to another?

We'll move it for you and do the initial mapping for new premises. Depending on the complexity of the set-up this should be something like 1-2 days task.

Can I download images and videos to local computer?

Yes, photos and videos can be downloaded after the flight either to cloud or to local computer.

We don't want to use cloud. Can the backend services be installed in local server?

Yes, we can customize the backend software to run in your local environment instead of cloud. However this option is used only with larger deliveries.

Can the backend be integrated with our company ERP / monitoring systems / ticket systems / alarm system / etc?

Yes, we can customize the backend software to integrate with your other systems.