Drones and Robotics

Only the ceiling is our limit!

We provide fully autonomous indoor flying drones for security purposes as well as any other business needs. We are capable of deploying both off-the-shelf solutions or customized business specific solutions.

Our patent pending indoor navigation solution is independent on GPS or GLONASS, so it works equally well in total darkness as in bright daylight. Just contact us, let's discuss more.


Our Solution

Automated drones 24/7/365!

Some say this is futurism, but we are already bringing the services os the future into today's world. We offer both ready made and customized solutions. Our indoor solution can fly in all kinds of open spaces: warehouses, shopping malls, factories, airports, stadiums etc.


Professional Services

Helping to develop your business

Are you planning to enhance your business with drones, but not sure how to proceed? We can help you with business and process development, vendor selection, and delivery projects.



Platform for your solution

Do you have a sensor or a camera but don't know how to put it to use when in indoors? Are you designing a new type of sensor that will revolutionize market? We are constantly looking for new use cases for our autonomous drone platform. Contact us and we will contact you back about possible co-operation and business opportunities.


News and Publicity

Public appearances, demos, and videos.

What's happening with Arctic Robotics? Read more about what others have said about us and to view videos etc.


About Us

The team / Who are we?

We are a high tech company from Finland. Arctic Robotics is a unique, fully scalable business that aims to revolutionize industrial usage of flying drones. Only the sky is the limit ... and that's just for now!


Get in Touch

How to reach us

Are you interested to hear more about us or our solution? Just send us a message on give us a call!